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The town of Brodarica and the isle of Krapanj, also the smallest inhabited island in the Adriatic, can boast of a great history. Growing sea sponges is just one of the activities that started on this island.

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In the very first steps, we made sure that the content on his website was updated, and that the measurement and research tools were set up correctly. after researching their activities on social media, we created a strategy to interest visitors to these channels and show them the destination in the best light.

Within the given budget, awareness campaigns were created in order to make the audience’s reach better and more concrete. A large number of campaigns have been created to test access to the target audience and to investigate their reactions to ads and posts depending on the type of approach presented to them


As a result of the branding campaign, website visits and social media profiles increased by 11 x, while the number of accommodations booked through the website increased by 250%. The ads have been shown 60 million times (impressions), and 25 million users from 7 different countries have seen them.

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