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We're here to supercharge digital businesses.

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Everything should be custom

Nobody likes generic websites. Least of all, your customers. We’re committed to creating recognizable solutions that leave a lasting impression.

A personalized approach

Every business is different. We approach every client with respect to the uniqueness of their brand. Whether it’s marketing, development, or web design, we’re here to bring your brand’s personality to the forefront.

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Meet our team

We’re here to supercharge digital businesses.

Team member
Ivan Krnić
CEO & Digital Marketing Strategist

Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines.

Team member
Kristijan Jurčić
CTO & Lead Developer

Fullstack developer with over 10 years of experience

Team member
Petra Krnić
Accounting Manager

Every moment is a fresh beginning.

Team member
Josip Bosna
Digital Marketing Strategist

Doesn’t matter, as long as it makes ROI!

Team member
Vanna Gregov
UX/UI Designer

Simplicity, sense of humor & good typography.

Team member
Edo Begagić
Frontend Developer & UX/UI Designer

Art, nature, cats, coding!

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