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A client that owns a webshop in the FMCG industry has hired us primarily to increase traffic and sales in order to achieve a return on investment through PPC (Google Ads) campaigns. The products sold by the client are the basic groceries and foods of renowned brands, which further spiced up our strategy because they can be bought in any market.

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Achieve ROI
Devise a long-term sales strategy


In the first steps of cooperating with the client, we made sure that all measurement tools were set up correctly on the webshop, so that we could make a concrete decision when creating campaigns at any time. The start of advertising itself was not easy because we did not have enough data to be able to concretely put together campaigns, so we were forced to try all types of campaigns for a while to be able to draw conclusions about which campaigns work well for which product types.

After we collected enough data, we were able to distinguish which campaigns at affordable prices meet the wishes and conditions of the client. With the help of smart (machine learning) and remarketing campaigns, we managed to build a base of customers who made a purchase, and based on their characteristics, we directed advertising to such an audience.

At all times, the client had daily, weekly and monthly detailed reports on turnover, audience and products, and based on joint meetings and reports, decisions were made for further advertising.


The most important result after 4 years is close cooperation to mutual satisfaction. The enviable number of visits to the webshop on a daily basis, and only in the last year PPC campaigns have achieved 3.5 x ROAS, and still going.

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